BlackConnect allows interoperability between Java and XPCOM components. It is possible to implement XPCOM components written in Java instead of C++.



Status as of July 22, 2003

BlackConnect has been forward-ported to Mozilla 1.4 on the Windows platform only. Creating Java XPCOM components now works and can be called from JavaScript and C++, and calling XPCOM components from Java also works. BlackConnect only works correctly on debug, non-optimized builds. BlackConnect's build system has been fully forward-ported to Mozilla's modern build system, not the old Mozilla system that was used on M4. Exceptions need more robust testing, thread-safety seems to be correct (there is a unit-test for this). Passing null values currently does not work. A new Java build system has been integrated into Mozilla's build system that makes creating Java XPCOM components very easy. Code has been added to pass human-friendly error messages when XPCOM exceptions are thrown over the BlackConnect boundary, but needs to be tested more fully. A tutorial has also been added to the README file stepping the user through creating their own Java XPCOM components and calling XPCOM components written in other languages from Java.


BlackConnect should be triple licensed under the GPL, LGPL, and the MPL. All of the changes that I (Brad) have made are under these licenses. However, the original BlackConnect sourcebase was started before Mozilla decided to triple-license code; we still need to get a definite go-ahead from Sun to make sure the original code can be released under a triple-license. This would be a great task for someone who wants to contribute.

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